Friday, February 22, 2008


I only just discovered that I don't have to use Blogger to upload photos to my blog. I've made three or four entries that I then immediately deleted while I've been playing with this "new" way of putting photos on my blog. No, it's not a new way, it's just copying and pasting the codes from Photobucket into a blog entry. I've used this method at Myspace and LiveJournal for years, it just never occurred to me until this evening that I could do that here too! Duh, Genie! I hate Blogger for uploading pix! It takes forever and sometimes the photos can be clicked and enlarged and other times they can't.... who needs it!

Sorry for all the notices of new posts that don't exist. I've got it worked out now and you won't get any more phantom blog notifications from me.... until I discover something new that I have to figure out of course.

Okay, publishing a blog entry here without including a photo just seems really weird so here's my Meez
courtesy of Photobucket. How sad is it that this is the "plus size" body type for a Meez?

Namaste, y'all!

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