Saturday, January 26, 2008

Stalked by the deadly African Boer Goat who was cleverly camouflaged behind the tall Serengeti grasses. It's a wonder I wasn't killed

Baby goats are about the cutest thing on the planet. They're insanely playful. They want to know what everything is. They always want to be in or on whatever is nearest them. If there's a tire, they're in it or on it. If there's a rock big enough to stand on, they stand on it. If there is one bump in their immediate vicinity higher than the other bumps around them, they'll get on that bump and they'll stand there triumphantly until all the other goats notice.

They'll suckle anything they can get their mouths on, including your fingers if you don't watch where you allow them to hang. They give you kisses, suckle your ears, and chase each other around like little maniacs. They'll leap into the air for no reason at all about every four step when they are running. I can't prove it because I don't have a video camera, but I'm 99% sure that they skip.

They're so cute it hurts your eyes. You pick one up and you totally forget that it's covered in its own feces. The cuteness far outweighs the filth.

They have incredible personalities that make them so loveable that even when they've eaten the potted ficus you inherited from your late mother (the only plant of hers you hadn't quite killed yet) and even when they've nibbled away the last of your herb garden, you still find yourself making goo goo noises and baby talk as you give in and let them have a nosh on your shoelaces.

This wee baby goat spied me and headed my way. But not directly, no. He's a stalker, this one. He came at me using that little tuft of dead grass as cover.

Surely she can't see me! We African Boer Goats know our stuff, we can hunt.... um... those big, tall, feed sack bearing, two legged things like no one else can!

I shall encompass her doom! Muah ha ha ha!

I shot this little baby several times but not all the shots came out very well. For one, it was "hiding" behind dead grasses that were totally blowing my shot and for two, I used the flash on several shots and they came out looking kind of crappy.


Anonymous said...

Great aside explanatory notes for the picture. So funny, Muah ha ha ha! Baby goats looks like puppies.

Genie said...

If you ever get to come to the States you'll have to visit us in Texas and see some baby goats for yourself! They are so incredibly cute. If they weren't so destructive I'd probably keep a couple in the yard as pets.