Friday, January 25, 2008

Coming Soon To A Blogger Near You


Hands down, my favorite shot of the day!

Spent a couple of hours with hubby while he fed goats and I took photo after photo after photo. I'm working on them now. There will be goats, sheep, mules, horses, and cattle.

No goats were harmed in the shooting of this blog entry. We did eat a cow, however.

No, we weren't torturing this little sweetie. She'd gotten out of the pens and was seperated from her mother. I think she'd been stuck out there for a while. We got mom out of the fence, she'd gotten stuck trying to get to her baby, and then hubby caught the baby to put her back in the pens but I made him hold her for a minute first so I could take a few shots.

When a goat screams for it's mother it sounds like it's being impaled on a spike. It's horrible! But once they feel safe again they're as happy as can be.

My day in Clovenfield.

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