Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Some herb or something blooming in hubby's garden

Some of hubby's garden plants are going to seed and producing the most interesting blossoms. I'm not sure what kind of plant this is, but the blossom is just gorgeous. For all I know it's a stray seed that fell into the pot because I don't think this particular plant has produced anything we've used. But hubby keeps watering it anyway.
Yes, even when I have no time or energy for anything else.... like keeping up with my blog friends or keeping up with free readings over at my tarot blog, I always make a little bit of time for photography. It's just such an immense pleasure. And I love that in our crappy little yard I can go out and, if I look, find something worth photographing.


Kim and Victoria said...

Hi, looks like Hyacinth Bean Vine - http://davesgarden.com/guides/pf/go/890/
These are great vines, we like to grow them here. Are they still blooming there?

Jean Levert Hood said...

How gorgeous! Haven't seen anything like that around here.

Stephanie & Chris Haussler said...

Those look like sweet peas that bloom here. Though ours bloom in the spring.

Genie said...

Hey Birthday Girl! Peas, huh? I'll have to check. I think Victoria nailed it with the Hyacinth Bean Vine though. Hey, I love Shawn of the Dead too. That movie was hysterical... Hot Fuzz was such a disappointment although the bloopers were worth it.

Gennie said...

Hey Genie, it's Gennie. Sorry about your vinegar query, I actually can't stand the stuff! :-) The only time I ever use it is in dye recipes and if I make something too salty. Let me know if I can help you out with anything else! By the way, I'd have thought Sweet Peas too. My roomie's favorite flower. Have a good one!