Thursday, October 18, 2007

That was it?

It's not my fault he's not a Monarch. He was cool looking though. I thought it WAS a leaf, but that little bit of color caught my eye. I blew on him (to see if he was dead, he was VERY still) and he VIBRATED! So I blew on him again and he did it again, he shook like a trembling leaf... a battery operated trembling leaf. Too cool.

I don't know what kind of grass this is, Pampas maybe? It made me wish I had a macro lens. Everything makes me wish I had a macro lens. I've never noticed these grasses on the farm before, but the rains we had early this summer got all kinds of things growing.

I shot no Monarchs this evening. There were very few to be seen and none of them were posing. Seems we were on the edge of the "river" this year. Sucks. I was so psyched for clouds of Monarchs this evening! I'm too tired of the chase to bother going out tomorrow and my knee is staging a revolt from all the walking.

If I hear from all the locals next week, "Did you see the Monarchs Friday, they were amazing!" I'm going to be extremely grumpy. The rest of the zillion picks I took of this one leaf-camouflaged butterfly and the grasses are here: Monarch Migration -- Brackettville -- 2007, along with the other Monarch pics I took this week.


Laura135 said...


Thanks for sharing the link! Great pics.

Kim and Victoria said...

Even though that's it, I still like your photos.

Genie said...

Thanks Kim, thanks Laura!

Lymie Lisa said...

Oh, I think he's cool! I've never seen a butterfly like that. He gets kudos for being different!