Thursday, October 11, 2007

I'm so excited about the Monarchs due to come through Brackettville next week that I've got butterflies!

The vine is called Queen's Court here in Brackettville, I don't know what it really is. It's an almost obnoxious pink color. We had an influx of butterflies in the spring, it was amazing, and the vines were just dripping with Sulphers and Snouts. It was amazing, did I already say that? Click on the first image (or any of them for that matter) to see it better.

Gotta love Google:
n. A common name, one of many, for the open and airy subtropical vine Antigonon Leptopus, which has heart-shaped green leaves and long, trailing sprays of small rosy-pink flowers. Also called Rosa de Montana, Corallita, and Queen's Wreath.


Jean Levert Hood said...

Great shots, Genie! I love that pink stuff. It's growing huge!

Chaim said...

Monarchs are incredible. I remember about 10 years ago I had the chance to go to a monarch sanctuary in Northern California, a place where the Monarchs stop every year. (I don't remember exactly where this was.) We got a chance to see many of them, though they weren't at their peak numbers. We also got plenty of information about their dwindling numbers. Very sad.

I have a book sitting on my shelf all about Monarchs and I haven't even gotten around to reading it. I should really do that...

Kim and Victoria said...

Monarch migration! Sooooo cooooool! Lucky you!
And I still love that vine.