Monday, October 1, 2007

Tow, Texas Hay Farm

The one above is my favorite in the hay series because of all the oblique lines. And I took a freaking lot of shots of this hay field near The Fall Creek Vinyards in Tow, TX. I may have also taken a rather big risk. They were shooting out at the end of the field! Target practice, I'm sure. I just kept hoping they weren't drunk and that they were aiming off into the field and not at the road where Pinki and I were shooting them..... quite harmlessly with our cameras.

So, I was talking about the oblique lines in the above shot. Yes. First the sky, then the hills, then the trees, then the greener swath of grass in front of the trees, and lastly the yellow grass stretching from the foreground all the way back. My mentor Jean Levert Hood

taught me to look for certain shapes when I compose my shots. Until this one, I hadn't quite nailed the oblique lines thing, and really I didn't know all those shapes were there until I got home and was looking at the shot on my puter. I thought when I was shooting that the oak tree and tractor shots were going to be my favorite. I'm still on the hunt for the perfect "S" shot.
le Sigh.

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