Saturday, March 3, 2007

Museo Alameda

The new, hot pink Museo Alameda is a perfect fit for historic Market Square. Combining art, history, cultural education and live performance, the Museo Alameda tells the unique story of the Latino experience in America - past, present and future. The first organization in the nation to sign an affiliation agreement with the Smithsonian Institution - Museo Alameda will take full advantage of access to the collections, exhibitions, and educational programming of the Smithsonian Institution. Its galleries focus on art and objects that tell the story of Latinos in the Americas. At the museum's center is the Smithsonian Gallery, which will remain filled with exhibits and treasures from the Smithsonian Institution's many museums.

The best part of this San Antonio museum is the little “Casa Mireles Botanica Infinito”. It is a combination installation/gift shop dedicated to witchy voodoo kind of stuff. You can buy spells, potions, calacas, and all manner of magical items. Okay, maybe the best part was actually the awesome architecture. I hope for a chance to go shoot it again one day. My only decent photo of it (above) is rather unremarkable.

Nope, I didn't shoot this last photo. I swiped it from their homepage! Gorgeous, isn't it? And located next to an awesome Mexican restaurant/bakery called Mi Tierra's. It's totally worth the visit just to see how beautifully decorated it is. The restaurant is so popular that it's open 24/7. Be warned, their chilaquiles are terrible. But most other things on the menu that I've tried, so far, are quite good. It's a great experience just to go, don't miss it if you ever get to visit San Antonio's Riverwalk.

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